As a Certified Professional Life Balance and Disaster Coach, I can help you get on track to fill in the gaps of where you are today, to where you want to be.  I will sit down with you in-person or remotely using unique tools and mindset techniques to help you focus and get organized. Karen sets the standards apart being highly intuitive. She will help you gain clairity, insight and give you answers to help you succeed.


Working with me will allow you to achieve the results you desire in a much quicker time frame then if on your own.  I have all the right questions, tool,  and experience to help you stay focused, accountable and motivated to live a life you desire.

Coaching is not always about success and reaching goals.  You may have the life you want but are feeling overwhelmed and need to learn how to adapt to overwhelming situations from stress/anxiety, tragic events, separation/divorce or a death.

Sometimes you may have the life you want but are no not happy and satisfied.  I will help get you back on track to regain control, balance, and sustainability in your life. I will inspire you and empower you to help you properly identify, set and achieve your goals.  If you are ready to take the step to reach your full potential and get back on track, I would be honored to help guide and support you in this journey.  You really can have it all.


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