Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

An MVA can cause subtle injury to your spine and soft tissues whereby you feel discomfort/pain immediately or in a number of weeks.

It is important to have an assessment after an MVA to ascertain if there was any injury, and determine if care is warranted to return you to pre-accident health and function.

After an MVA, you should:

  • Get medical attention right away if needed.
  • Report the motor vehicle accident to your insurer and let them know you will be attending for an assessment and possible care with a chiropractor.
  • Your insurance adjuster will forward forms to you that are required to be filled out by you.
  • Schedule an appointment for chiropractic care, and inform us that you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.
  • Upon your initial MVA visit please provide us with your insurance provider, adjusters name and contact information, and claim number.
  • In addition to the standard clinic forms, there is additional paperwork that needs to be processed for an MVA claim.
  • A treatment plan will be set up for you under MVA and we will send the appropriate forms electronically in order to start the process of your care.
  • If your treatment plan is approved by your insurer, then the cost for therapy is billed directly to the auto insurer. However, if you have extended health care, the FSCO guidelines require that your extended health care insurance is billed first by you prior to us billing your auto insurance.
  • For more information regarding how to proceed after a motor vehicle accident in Ontario, visit the FSCO website.

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